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Be the source. Whatever you want to experience in yourself, be the source of it in the lives of others. This is the great secret. This is sacred wisdom. Do unto others as you would have it done unto you.
Neale Donald Walsch (via unconditionedconsciousness)

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Are you nurturing your soul? Are you even noticing it? Are you healing it or hurting it? Are you growing or withering? Are you expanding or contracting?
Is your soul as lonely as your mind? Is it even more neglected? And when was the last time you felt your soul being expressed? When was the last time you cried with joy? Wrote poetry? Made music? Danced in the rain? Baked a pie? Painted anything? Fixed something that was broken? Kissed a baby? Held a cat to your face? Hiked up a hill? Swam naked? Walked at sunrise? Played the harmonica? Talked ‘til dawn? Made love for hours… on a beach, in the woods? Communed with nature? Searched for God?
When was the last time you sat alone with the silence, traveling to the deepest part of your being? When was the last time you said hello to your soul?

Conversations with God

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Your light is seen, your heart is known, your soul is cherished by more people than you might imagine. If you knew how many others have been touched in wonderful ways by you, you would be astonished. If you knew how many people feel so much for you, you would be shocked. You are far more wonderful than you think you are. Rest with that. Rest easy with that. Breathe again. You are doing fine. More than fine. Better than fine. You’re doin’ great. So relax. And love yourself today.
Neale Donald Walsch (via stephanietiffany)

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The Truth about Relationships


There is no subject of greater significance to me than relationships for without others, I could not be me.

The others with whom I share this planet are of tremendous value to me, even when we want different things.

Our earth environment is large enough to accommodate all of the variety of…

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After meditating for some years, I began to see the patterns of my own behavior. As you quiet your mind, you begin to see the nature of your own resistance more clearly, struggles, inner dialogues, the way in which you procrastinate and develop passive resistance against life. As you cultivate the witness, things change. You don’t have to change them. Things just change.
Ram Dass (via meetingoneself)

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It is just a matter of having some faith in the fact that as long as you are able to draw breath in the universe, you have a chance. ~Cicely Tyson

It is just a matter of having some faith in the fact that as long as you are able to draw breath in the universe, you have a chance. ~Cicely Tyson